Restaurant and Cafés points of interest data in Egypt– POI data

The Restaurants and Cafés POI dataset for Egypt provides a comprehensive collection of real-world locations that are identifiable and named, specifically focusing on restaurants and cafés. These POIs include various types of eateries, such as fast food, casual dining, fine dining, ethnic cuisine, coffee shops, bakeries, etc., facilitating efficient access and enhancing user experiences.

Categorization and Attributes: This dataset employs various categorization methods to classify restaurants and cafés based on type, subtype, location, and attributes. The type categorization encompasses broad classifications like restaurant or café, while subtypes offer finer granularity such as specific cuisines. Location data pinpoints the exact geographical coordinates of each restaurant or café, enabling precise mapping. Furthermore, the dataset offers an array of attributes that furnish additional information about these restaurants and cafés, such as contact details, operational hours, ratings, reviews, and other relevant data.

Use Cases:
  1. Trend Analysis for Targeted Advertising: Merge restaurant data with customer insights for personalized ads. Identify preferences, optimize timing, and increase ROI by connecting deeply with your audience.
  2. Location Intelligence for Restaurant Placement: Maximize property potential with location info and reviews. Find ideal spots for cafés or fine dining, ensuring commercial success.
  3. Unleash Immersive Experiences Through Data: App devs, hospitality leaders, and wellness advocates, integrate our dataset for transformative insights. Elevate engagement, satisfaction, and journeys with data-driven experiences.
Key Features:





Place Identification

Unique identifier for each gas station in the dataset



Web address providing additional information



Precise geographical coordinates for accurate mapping


Phone Number

Contact number for inquiries and communication


Price Range

Associated terms aiding discoverability


Reviews Number

Consumers’ reviews count



Place category tag


Business Model:
Subscription or one-time-purchase
Aggregation Date:
15 March 2023

Raw Data Table

Monginis - مونجينيhttps://www.monginisbakery.com30.140610731.2153949651['Bakery', 'Dessert shop', 'Donut shop']$$29 Photos02 25788887Monginis - مونجيني, محطة رستم, طريق القناطر الخيرية, Al Qalyubia Governorate 13751
Sabai Sabaihttps://www.sabaisabai-eg.com30.065549631.2162941521['Thai restaurant']$$335+ Photos0100 170 2827Sabai Sabai، El Gezira El Wosta، Youssef Kamel, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek
كشرى العمدة 2https://www.addarea.com30.19147331.1336532406['Koshari restaurant']$$29 Photos0125 468 130454RM+HFJ كشرى العمدة 2, Qaluop - Al Kanater Al Kheireya, Madinet Al Qanater Al Khayreyah, El Qanater El Khayreya, Al Qalyubia Governorate 6404101
El Sultan Pizzahttps://www.pizzaelsoultaan.com30.108096431.21247323['Pizza restaurant']$94+ Photos0115 559 2399El Sultan Pizza، الكورنيش، وراق العرب، الوراق، الجيزة الجيزة، 12511
Monginis - مونجينيhttps://www.monginisbakery.com30.094542931.2044682716['Bakery', 'Dessert shop', 'Donut shop']$$52+ Photos02 25788887Monginis - مونجيني, بنزينة الغاز, ش القومية العربية, Mohammed Imam, Giza Governorate 12651
Buffalo Wings & Rings['Chicken wings restaurant', 'Bar', 'New American restaurant']$$522+ Photos0120 646 6668Buffalo Wings & Rings, 114 Abd El-Hameed Badawi, Sheraton Al Matar, El Nozha, Cairo Governorate 11361
حلوانى ليدر- LEADER pastry & CAfehttps://www.addarea.com30.077547931.198198668['Dessert shop', 'Cafe', 'Pizza restaurant']$$23 Photos02 33725252حلوانى ليدر- LEADER pastry & CAfe, Al Munirah, Imbaba, Giza Governorate 3850220
Starbuckshttps://www.locations.starbucks.eg30.0545831.19543131['Coffee shop']$$19 Photos02 24803871Starbucks, Shehab, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate 3752502
Spectra Restaurant (Shooting Club Branch)https://www.spectrarestaurant.com30.04540431.2012255520['Izakaya restaurant']$$158+ Photos02 37626987Spectra Restaurant (Shooting Club Branch)، Shooting Club Street, Beside Khodeer Stationary 19, Nadi Al Saeed، الدقي،
Porta D'orohttps://www.porta-doro.net30.047688931.20581051736['Italian restaurant']$$706+ Photos02 33369333Porta D'oro, 14 El-Thawra, Ad Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate 3751320
Mori Sushi - Mohandissenhttps://www.mori-sushi.com30.054556931.19904861019['Sushi restaurant', 'Japanese restaurant', 'Restaurant', 'Sushi takeaway']$$$1388+ Photos0122 991 1556Mori Sushi - Mohandissen، شارع جزيرة العرب،العجوزة،قسم، 22 El-Mohandes Mohammed Hasan Helmy, Gazirat Mit Oqbah, Agouza, Giza Governorate 12654
KFChttps://www.egypt.kfc.me30.059413931.1934743312['Fast food restaurant']$$59+ Photos0111 165 7015KFC, 1 Lebanon, Mit Akaba, Agouza, Giza Governorate 3752405
Monginis Ard Al Lewahttps://www.monginisbakery.com30.05604731.1888407615['Bakery', 'Dessert shop', 'Donut shop']$$55+ Photos02 25788887Monginis Ard Al Lewa, 8 ش El-Zomor Canal, Al Moatamadeyah, Agouza, Giza Governorate 12827
Burger King - Haramhttps://www.egypt.burgerking.me29.99777631.1711215486['Fast food restaurant', 'American restaurant', 'Breakfast restaurant', 'Brunch restaurant', 'Chicken restaurant', 'Family restaurant', 'Hamburger restaurant', 'Restaurant']$111+ Photos02 24886943Burger King - Haram, Station, 259 EL Haram St, Next to Royal Center, حسان محمد، 12511
La Poirehttps://www.lapoire.me29.996116631.1651325124['Bakery']$$$35 Photos02 37804013La Poire, 200 Al Haram, St, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 3531310
Papa Johns Pizzahttps://www.papajohnsegypt.com29.988986631.1464801446['Pizza restaurant']$$110+ Photos2019277Papa Johns Pizza, Crystal Mall, 44 Al Haram, Kafr Nassar, Al Haram, Giza Governorate 3524030
Buffalo Burgerhttps://www.thebuffaloburger.com29.993896531.16125231488['Fast food restaurant']$$287+ Photos219914Buffalo Burger, In front of Al Zaeem Theater, Al Haram, El Talbia, محافظة القاهرة‬ 12555
Spectra Restaurant & Cafehttps://www.spectrarestaurant.com29.993828231.1608409994['Restaurant', 'Cafe']$$123+ Photos0106 660 2606Spectra Restaurant & Cafe, Al Haram, Al Kom Al Akhdar, El Talbia, Giza Governorate 3531106
McDonald's Pyramids IIhttps://www.mcdelivery.eg29.994327331.16068333883['Hamburger restaurant', 'Breakfast restaurant']$$374+ Photos02 21600377McDonald's Pyramids II, Corner of Arish St شارع العريش متفرع من شارع, Al Haram, Oula Al Haram, El Talbia, Giza Governorate

Key Stats about Data

Column NameDescriptionType
poi_nameThe name of the point of interest.STRING
websiteLink to the point of interest’s website.STRING
latLatitude coordinate of the point of interest.FlOAT
lngLongitude coordinate of the point of interest.FlOAT
reviews_noThe number of reviews available on the point of interest.FlOAT
tagsThe first category tag associated with the point of interest.STRING
price_range_iconsThe price range of the point of interest expressed in a number of currency icons.STRING
photosThe number of photos posted of the point of interest.STRING
phoneThe phone number associated with the point of interest.STRING
address_textSpecific address in text of the point of interest.STRING

Use Cases

Trend Analysis for Targeted Advertising

Our comprehensive dataset on restaurants and cafés in Egypt merges seamlessly with customer behavior insights to revolutionize your campaigns. Uncover intricate patterns in customer behavior. Identify preferences for specific cuisines, popular dining times, and customer sentiment to craft tailored advertisements that resonate with potential customers precisely during their preferred dining hours and showcasing cuisine they love. Whether it’s promoting brunch specials to early risers or dinner deals during peak evening hours, our dataset empowers you to create highly personalized advertising campaigns. Watch your clients’ ROI soar as you connect with their audience on a deeper level and drive conversions like never before. It’s not just marketing; it’s a personalized experience that builds lasting customer relationships.


Location Intelligence for Restaurant Placement

Unlock the potential of your properties with our dataset. Our detailed location-based insights, including latitude and longitude information, combined with reviews and tags allow you to identify prime locations for new restaurant developments. Whether it’s a trendy café in a bustling downtown area or a fine dining establishment in an up-and-coming neighborhood, our data guides your decisions to maximize the appeal and success of your commercial properties.


Unleash Immersive Experiences Through Data

App developers, hospitality pioneers, health and wellness advocates, and travel innovators, the power of data-driven experiences awaits. Seamlessly integrate our comprehensive restaurant and café dataset into your offerings. Elevate user engagement, guest satisfaction, healthy choices, and travel memories with insights that resonate. Unleash the potential of data to redefine industries and offer users immersive journeys that leave a lasting impact. It’s not just information; it’s an invitation to explore, savor, and discover like never before.