Grocery Stores points of interest data in Egypt – POI data

The Grocery Stores POI dataset for Saudi Arabia provides a comprehensive collection of real-world locations that are identifiable and named, specifically focusing on grocery stores. These POIs include various types of eateries, such as fast food, casual dining, fine dining, ethnic cuisine, coffee shops, bakeries, etc., facilitating efficient access and enhancing user experiences.

Categorization and Attributes: This dataset employs various categorization methods to classify grocery stores based on type, subtype, location, and attributes. The type categorization encompasses broad classifications like supermarkets, dairy stores and mini markets, while subtypes offer finer granularity such as specialties. Location data pinpoints the exact geographical coordinates of each grocery store, enabling precise mapping. Furthermore, the dataset offers an array of attributes that furnish additional information about these grocery stores, such as contact details, operational hours, ratings, reviews, and other relevant data.

Use Cases:

Targeted Marketing Leveraging Customer Behavior Insights: Analyze grocery store reviews and tags for customer preferences and favored products categories to tailor effective marketing campaigns.

Location-Based Price Optimization: Optimize revenue by adjusting grocery store prices based on location-specific footfall patterns, utilizing the dataset’s location information.

Real-time Congestion Management: Enhance the shopping experience by utilizing real-time traffic data to manage grocery store traffic during peak hours, reducing waiting times and ensuring smooth customer flow.

Dataset Overview: Containing data on 26,413 grocery stores within Egypt, this dataset offers a comprehensive view of the grocery stores landscape in the country. Each entry includes vital information such as the store’s name, address, contact details, website link, review counts, and 20 additional attributes.

Key Features:





Place Identification

Unique identifier for each gas station in the dataset



Web address providing additional information



Precise geographical coordinates for accurate mapping


Phone Number

Contact number for inquiries and communication


Price Range

Associated terms aiding discoverability



Place category tag
7 Traffic Information

traffic patterns across different days


Business Model:
Subscription or one-time-purchase
Aggregation Date:
13 March 2023

Raw Data Table

Metro Markethttps://www.metro-markets.com30.086995331.30337742662['Grocery store', 'Grocery delivery service']$$313+ Photos02 22565365Metro Market, 18 El-Khalifa El-Maamoun, Mansheya El-Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate 4460034Moderately expensive
Shaheen Coffee Nasr City Branchhttps://www.shaheencoffee.com30.06142331.33712013379['Coffee store']$$396+ Photos02 22609929Shaheen Coffee Nasr City Branch, 39 Abbas El-Akkad, Al Manteqah Al Oula, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 4450153Moderately expensive
Dina Farmshttps://www.dinafarms.com30.282861430.60773816189['Hypermarket']$$1857+ Photos0100 519 9199Dina Farms، كيلو 80 طريق مصر/ إسكندرية الصحراوي طريق مصر/إسكندرية الصحراوي, القاهرة, مصر., El Beheira GovernorateModerately expensive{'Sunday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Monday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Tuesday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Wednesday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Thursday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Friday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM', 'Saturday': '8\u202fAM–9\u202fPM'}
الشعشاعي ماركت['Shopping mall', 'Candy store', 'Cheese shop', 'Chocolate shop', 'Produce market', 'Soft drinks shop', 'Supermarket']$$302+ Photos0109 925 2125الشعشاعي ماركت، شارع علم الروم, Mersa Matruh, Matrouh Governorate 5056553Moderately expensive{'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Monday': 'Open 24 hours'}
El-Saidy Pâtissierhttps://www.aklaa.com31.113649330.94760991555['Cake shop', 'Candy store', 'Pastry shop']$$79+ Photos047 3215566El-Saidy Pâtissier, Qism Kafr El-Shaikh, Kafr el-Sheikh, Kafr El Sheikh Governorate 6860520Moderately expensive{'Wednesday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Thursday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Friday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Saturday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Sunday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Monday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Tuesday': '8\u202fAM–1\u202fAM'}
Masrawy Markethttps://www.masrawy.com31.223188529.9488368205['Supermarket']25 Photos03 5460024Masrawy Market, 22 Victor Emanouil Al Thaleth, Abu an Nawatir, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate 5433103{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
Fathalla Market Stanleyhttps://www.gomlamarket.com31.232252429.95416281123['Supermarket']104+ Photos03 41912006XJ3+WM3 Fathalla Market Stanley, Abd El-Rahman Shokry, Fleming, El Raml 1, Alexandria Governorate 5452004{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
EL-sohagy market['Supermarket']8 Photos0120 470 0035EL-sohagy market, Cairo - Borg El-Arab Desert Rd, Ekeingy Maryout (Sharq WA Gharb), Amreya 1, Alexandria Governorate 5248040{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
Gomla Market - Sportinghttps://www.gomlamarket.com31.217808129.92867422376['Grocery store', 'Supermarket']124+ Photos03 5901706Gomla Market - Sporting, 176 Port Said St, Al Ibrahimeyah Bahri WA Sidi Gaber, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria Governorate 5424080{'Monday': '9\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Tuesday': '9\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Wednesday': '9\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Thursday': '9\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Friday': '9\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Saturday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Sunday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM'}
Gomla Market - Ibrahemia \ جملة ماركت - الابراهيميهhttps://www.gomlamarket.com31.213451329.928772356['Grocery store', 'Discount supermarket', 'Supermarket']136+ Photos0102 247 7785Gomla Market - Ibrahemia \ جملة ماركت - الابراهيميه، العنوان : 41 Omar Zafaran Street - El, Al Ibrahimeya Sq., Alexandria Governorate 11432{'Monday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Tuesday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Wednesday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Thursday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Friday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Saturday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM', 'Sunday': '9\u202fAM–12\u202fAM'}
Gomla Market - Janklieshttps://www.gomlamarket.com31.243537529.96926955142['Grocery store']659+ Photos03 5848816Gomla Market - Janklies, 2 El-Fath, San Stefano, El Raml 1, Alexandria Governorate 5451101{'Monday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Tuesday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Wednesday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Thursday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Friday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Saturday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM', 'Sunday': '9\u202fAM–2\u202fAM'}
Beesho Supermarkethttps://www.bizmideast.com30.056960731.467423231['Supermarket']7 Photos0122 023 46103F48+QXM Beesho Supermarket, الشيخ/ سليم البشري، New Cairo 1, Cairo Governorate 4735420{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
سوبر ماركت الضحىhttps://www.ahmedgharib.com30.249001331.4597996119['Supermarket']4 Photos0114 114 0666سوبر ماركت الضحى, Al Obour, Al Qalyubia Governorate 6361801{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
Ragab sonshttps://www.awladragab.com30.079523331.64364231700['Supermarket']104+ Photos02 267153323JHR+GPW Ragab sons, madinaty, مدخل 1, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 4770451{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
اولاد رجب Awlad Ragabhttps://www.awladragab.com30.083420831.6380492730['Hypermarket']287+ Photos02 26715332اولاد رجب Awlad Ragab, Street 3, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate 4770430{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}
Carrefour Madinatyhttps://www.carrefouregypt.com30.1067431.62900655249['Hypermarket']1147+ Photos02 46105411Carrefour Madinaty، مدينتي, Talaat Mostafa Rd, Second New Cairo, Cairo Governorate{'Monday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Tuesday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Wednesday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Thursday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Friday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Saturday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Sunday': '9\u202fAM–11\u202fPM'}
بقالة الأسطورةhttps://www.gobreakeg.com31.039823531.37208363['Discount supermarket', 'Store']2 Photos0102 131 9195بقالة الأسطورة، الجلاء، المنصورة، الدقهلية 35511،, Dakahlia Governorate 35511{'Monday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Tuesday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Wednesday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Thursday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Friday': 'Closed', 'Saturday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM', 'Sunday': '11\u202fAM–11\u202fPM'}
Alrahman Markets['Grocery store']24 Photos0111 194 1914Alrahman Markets, Abd El-Azeem Wazer, Qism Damietta, Damietta, Damietta Governorate 8040313{'Monday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Tuesday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Wednesday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Thursday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Friday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Saturday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM', 'Sunday': '6\u202fAM–1\u202fAM'}
سوبر ماركت الشوبري['Supermarket']Photos0106 292 4728CR78+MXC سوبر ماركت الشوبري، باب الحرس، قسم دمياط، الظهير الصحراوى لمحافظة دمياط، دمياط،, Damietta{'Monday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Tuesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Wednesday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Thursday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Friday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Saturday': 'Open 24 hours', 'Sunday': 'Open 24 hours'}

Key Stats about Data

Column NameDescriptionType
poi_nameThe name of the point of interest.STRING
websiteLink to the point of interest’s website.STRING
latLatitude coordinate of the point of interest.FlOAT
lngLongitude coordinate of the point of interest.FlOAT
reviews_noThe number of reviews available on the point of interest.FlOAT
tagsThe first category tag associated with the point of interest.STRING
price_range_iconsThe price range of the point of interest expressed in a number of currency icons.STRING
price_range The price range of the point of interest expressed in words.STRING
photosThe number of photos posted of the point of interest.STRING
phoneThe phone number associated with the point of interest.STRING
address_textSpecific address in text of the point of interest.STRING
reservationsA list of all possible means to make a reservation through.STRING
hoursA JSON string with days as keys and opening & closing times (in the POI’s local time).STRING
online_visibility A list of online addresses where the point of interest was present in.STRING
traffic The estimated traffic of the restaurant for every hour of day of the week.STRING
is_closedDetermines if the restaurant is temporarily or permenantly closedSTRING

Use Cases

Targeted Marketing Leveraging Customer Behavior Insights

Analyze reviews and tags associated with grocery stores to understand customer preferences, favored products, and shopping patterns. This data can provide valuable insights into which products are popular and why, helping marketers tailor their campaigns effectively.

Location-Based Price Optimization

Dynamic Price Adjustments: Utilize the dataset’s location information to understand the footfall patterns of different grocery stores. During high-traffic times, such as weekends, consider adjusting prices on certain items to encourage purchases during off-peak hours, ultimately optimizing revenue.

Real-time Congestion Management

Manage store traffic during peak hours using traffic data, ensuring smooth customer flow, shorter waiting times, and an improved shopping experience.